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The Canberra Mathematical Association (Inc.) is the representative body of professional educators of mathematics in Canberra, Australia.
It was established by, among others, the late Professor Bernhard Neumann in 1963.


It continues to run - as it began - purely on a volunteer basis. Its aims include the promotion of mathematical education to government through lobbying, the development, application and dissemination of mathematical knowledge within Canberra through in-service opportunities, and facilitating effective cooperation and collaboration between mathematics teachers and their colleagues in Canberra.


As an affiliate of the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT), the CMA provides a connective opportunity for teachers of the ACT to a national voice.


CMA Council 2024

President                Bruce Ferrington Radford College
Vice President       Aruna Williams Erindale College
Secretary               Valerie Barker
Treasurer               Jane Crawford Brindabella Christian College
Membership Sec.   Paul Turner
Councillors            Peter McIntyre University of NSW Canberra
                              Theresa Shellshear Australian Catholic University
                              Heather Wardrop
                              Andrew Wardrop
                              Yuka Saponaro Melba Copland Secondary School
                              Matthew Millikin Marist College
                              Jo McKenzie Namadgi School
                              Jenny Missen St Francis Xavier College
                              Morgan Murray St Thomas Kambah
                              Bernadette Matthew 

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