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The National Mathematics Talent Quest has provided a venue to showcase the creative thinking skills of students in Australia for many years.  To be eligible to enter the national quest, a project has to be successful in a similar quest at the state level.  Students throughout the ACT put considerable time and effort into mathematics assignments and projects and now have a means to get local or even national recognition and encouragement for their work.


The entry date for the Canberra Maths Talent Quest is Wednesday 14th August 2024.  Please send us an email that gives us the number of entries you wish to submit.  For each entry include the year the year group involved and indicate whether the entry is individual, small group or class.  Also, for each entry, include the name of the teacher we can contact for any further details.  If the entry is not too large it may be sufficient to include it as an attachment.  We will give you instructions for submitting larger entries.
Further updates will be provided in Short Circuit and on the CMA webpage: 

Students may participate in the quest in one of three categories:
·       Submit an individual entry
·       Be part of a small group (up to 6 students)
·       Be part of a whole class entry (7 or more students)

Entry is free.


All students from Kindergarten to Year 12 in the ACT are able to submit an entry.
The project or assignment can be the student’s own idea or a teacher’s set  task with an outstanding student response. 
The projects or assignments may be presented in any format including;
·       Essays, scripts, stories, poems, diaries, illustrated texts, newspaper format or any other form of writing
·       Posters
·       Videos
·       Models – static or working
·       Computer based (coding)

·       PowerPoint presentation
·       Spreadsheet or database.
We will give you information about submission of entries later in the year.  Entries from most of the states that are involved in the National Maths Talent Quest have moved to digital submissions, often using PowerPoint.  Entries that win their category are automatically entered in the national competition.  Entries in the National Mathematics Talent Quest must be submitted electronically.  This is due to the way the entries are evaluated by judges in all the states and territories.  Schools can submit up to two entries per category (individual, group or class) per year group to be assessed by an ACT judging panel. 


Due Date
You can start anytime but the entry date is Wednesday 14th August 2024.
Updates will be provided in Short Circuit and on the CMA webpage.

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